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Batman: Arkham City

We chat to Rocksteady's Sefton Hill

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How have you refined the Detective mode for the sequel?

As with nearly every area of the game, we're enhancing it. One example is the criminal database coupled with the new interrogation mechanic. The Riddler continues to taunt the Dark Knight with mind-bending puzzles and exploration challenges, but the location of his biggest secrets are known only to him and people he's told.

Rather than unlocking their locations using maps, Batman will be able to scan a gang of thugs to find a potential informant. This is the guy you need to question, but first you'll have to take down all the other gang members while sparing the one you want. That can be tough when Batman's in a seamless FreeFlow combo chain.


The Scarecrow sequences were our favourite part of Arkham Asylum. Are you planning similar surprises for Arkham City?

This is a really tough question to answer, so I hope you don't mind if I duck it by saying that we totally understand how popular the Scarecrow sequences were and that we also really enjoyed creating them. We're working overtime to make the best game we can, so all I can say at this stage is, stay tuned.

Can we expect to see the challenge rooms, FreeFlow combat sections and Riddler puzzles?

I'm afraid I'm not allowed to talk about that at the moment. Sorry!

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