CVG: Comments of the week

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Phew. It's been a hectic week. Is anyone else a bit knackered?

Footballing giants clashing, 3DS release bonanza and Kotick alienating just about everyone.

You had a fair bit to go at and go at it you did.

Here are some of your best bits. Keep making the good stuff in the comments section below.

FIFA 11 Review


We like NaththeNarc for two reasons. 1) he's a Wanderer and b) he created the phrase 'Holy Beans'.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Review

Bolton is a good team! They almost beat manu last week.

Yes MattyR95! Finally.

Yeh i know they are, but you knew what i was getting at.

We're just thankful for the recognition stroypa.

Activision unveils NASCAR game

Apparently the game will be released without any cars, just the race tracks. You have to download the cars via a downloadable content pack called "Car Pack" which will set you back 1800 MS Points. Once you have downloaded the cars via the "Car Pack", you then have to fork out an additional 1200 MS Points to download the "Petrol Pack" which get's the cars moving, without it your cars are just eye candy. That's Active Vision for you.

This sounds like an excellent business plan rocketb. We might charge by the letter.

E3 reaction to blame for 3DS Price - Iwata

This is why we can't get excited about nice things!

There there MrMouthy just learn to bottle excitement until launch day next time. But try not to wee.

Video: How to set up Kinect

I'm burning my furniture right now.
6 feets, eh?
The wall to my bedroom will be gone by tomorrow morning.
Anything else i should prepare?

No-one said anything about burning, yourmumwasfun. Selling would have sufficed.

Apparently they think people live on a GMTV set.

What are you talking about TheCrimsonFenix? It's our second home. What do you think Tim was doing on Titchmarsh that time?

Kinect - the joke that keeps giving

Oddly enough I live in Shoreditch, Zone 1, London.

So, when I upgrade to the penthouse apartment with high ceilings, Italian slate flooring, roof terrace with a Tiger chained to the railings, a neon sign saying 'the world is yours' and I change my name to Tony Montana I reckon i'll be ready for Kinect.

Thankfully Taus, we get all of that sent by MS in the review package.

AC: Brotherhood gets 15 for 'Strong violence, language'

Following suit of the previous games, i want a 18 rated Assassin's Creed game :lol: more violence

frazzerr wants more violence in a game that is about stabbing and little else.

Love games? Become a brain surgeon

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