No keyboard bundle for Rock Band 3 PS3

US gamers forced to purchase new instrument separately, pay extra for it

US gamers looking to snag Rock Band 3 and all of its kit on PS3 won't be able to pick up the new game and its keyboard in a bundle.

Given the series' immense popularity over the years, the chances are you already have a few guitars and maybe even a drum kit already lying around. If that's the case all you'll need is the RB3 disc and the new keyboard instrument.

As it stands though, apparently due some "agreement terms for the region", US PS3 gamers (including Canada and Mexico) will have to buy the two separately and pay an extra $10 for the inconvenience. 360 and Wii gamers will be able to grab game/keyboard bundles in US, and PS3 bundles will turn up in Europe.

Harmonix says it's working with retailers to honour pre-orders for the bundle which has now been removed from retailer listings.

[ SOURCE: Official Site ]