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Kirby Epic Yarn trailer is pure win

King Dede boss battles, space shooting, yarn... awesome

If you have any kind of soul, you'll feel nothing but unconditional love for the retro-platforming calamity and cutesy appeal of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Check this new trailer. It's got King Dede in what looks like a boss fight ripped straight out of the good old 16-bit days. It's got Meta Knight being the champion he's always been. There's up-scrolling shooting in there, a giant fish mashing everything on screen, evil snowmen, co-op rope-swinging, and a load of yarn. Not just any yarn - the epic kind.

Plus look at Kirby. He's pink, he eats fools, he floats, and he turns his feet into skis. He's the definition of cool. Look it up.

This video is no longer available