Mario DSi XL - first pictures

Nintendo continue the 25th anniversary celebrations in Japan

After announcing Super Mario Collection, Nintendo is also planning to mark the plumber's 25th anniversary with the release of a special Mario DSi in Japan.

Nintendo is releasing new DSi and DSi XL (known as LL in Japan) consoles in the country to mark the 25th anniversary of Super Mario and you can see the first pictures below. One word. Want.

Both handhelds will be released on 26 October and as you can see, they look slightly different. They're both red but the DSi features a picture of a leaping Super Mario above the camera while the DSi XL has a mushroom, a flower and a star next to the the camera.


There is a difference in price too. The DSi will cost 15,000 Yen (£113) while the DSi XL will set Japanese gamers back 18,000 Yen (£135).

Take a look at the images and let us know which one you'd want. We prefer the DSi. After all, a Mario 25th anniversary handheld has got to feature a picture of the fella hasn't it?

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]