Win Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on DS

It's the Amazing Winsday!

One Spider-Man not enough for you? Okay, well, we can sort you out with three. Will that do? That should be more than enough to satisfy your Spidey requirements. And how will we sate your excessive superhero appetite? With Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions on DS, in which you can play as The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Man 2099.

'Being' three Spider-Men (Spider-Mans?) means you get three different sets of powers, and you'll need to use the lot in order to find the fragments of a mythical tablet that's created a rift in reality. (The sooner they ban these dangerous reality-tearing tablets the better.) Yes, the plot's a bit daft but the explory/fighty action's pretty good.

We've got a copy of the game to give away to one lucky Spider-Fan. And because the competition closes at midnight on Thursday we can send the prize out on Friday so it's with the winner on Saturday morning. Handy, that. If you fancy being that winner, just answer the question below...

Q: What's the name of Spider-Man's alter ego?

A) Peter Powell
B) Peter Parker
C) Peter Piper

Know the answer? Text NGSPIDER followed by a space then your answer (A, B or C), then another space and your full name and address to 87474. Texts cost a teensy 25p plus your standard network rate. The closing date is midnight on Thursday 7 October 2010. Or you can enter by going to

Full terms and conditions can be found at

Don't worry if you don't win this week - there'll be another giveaway next Wednesday.