Japan's best should embrace the West

Opinion: Ryan King has the whole world in his hands...

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All the progress made in the first Lost Planet - bringing Eastern mech-appeal to the usually mech-resistant West by smuggling it in via a man-vs-monsters game - was completely lost in the sequel. No-one wanted it because no-one knew what it was. Sales suffered. Capcom cringed. Keiji Inafune was left tearing his hair out.

I'm not saying that Western developers are the only ones who should be trusted with Japanese game ideas. I'm not even saying that Japanese developers can't hog their own sequels and still get it spot on.

What I am saying is, in the grand scheme of things-about-gaming-to-get-angry-at, Western developers taking charge of Japanese games shouldn't register anywhere near Bobby Kotick's name on the Internet Meltdown scale.

And, in an amazing turn of events, I'm also saying that based on recent evidence, DmC has a chance of turning out to be much, much better than expected; as the talents of East and West collide once more.

Still. Dante's new hair eh? Awful.

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