Panasonic Jungle 'a non-starter' - analyst

Analysts write off new portable's chances

Analysts have suggested that the Jungle portable gaming platform announced by Panasonic this week will almost certainly fail.

According to the industry watchers the Jungle is a device created for a market which doesn't exist and as a result the product is likely to be a "non-starter".

"The Jungle is a highly specialized dedicated portable for a non-existent market. This is an unprecedented hardware strategy, and probably for good reason. If MMO players want to go more portable than a laptop, I guess this would be the way to go. Frankly, this looks like a non-starter." said M2 Research analyst Billy Pidegon.

DFC Intelligence's David Cole said the system was an attempt at breaking into the content market, something which Panasonic has failed at for 20 years despite its best efforts.

"Having followed Panasonic/Matsushita for nearly 20 years I can say they have looked at ways to get into content for years without much success." said Cole.


"Sony meanwhile remains a leader in movies, music and games. So given that history my inclination would be to say a system like the Jungle is a non-starter right out of the gate. Until they can show me otherwise I just don't think Panasonic has the right pieces to compete in this space."

As if the sentiment wasn't clear enough, Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian added his name to the list of detractors by saying Panasonic is facing an uphill struggle.

"... [It] would seem like an uphill challenge to launch a new portable gaming device unless there is some meaningful differentiation or access to proprietary content." said Sebastian.

Panasonic has claimed that "leading online developers" are working on its new handheld gaming device.

[ SOURCE: IndustryGamers ]