Reborn Castlevania 'could run for another 25 years'

Producer David Cox has big ambitions for the series far beyond Lords

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is just a couple of days away now, but if the game is a success MercurySteam producer David Cox has told CVG that the reboot of the classic gaming series could run for another quarter of a century - or at least that's his aim.

During a recent interview which will be appearing on CVG shortly, we were naturally curious as to where the series might go next if Lords proves to be as big a hit as anticipated.

However the Lords producer switched to enigmatic mode on its future direction, saying: "We have a few ideas, but first of all I want a holiday when this one is done... we'll see."


Still, Cox is certainly predicting that the Castlevania reinvention, which sees Gabriel Belmont face off against all manner of dead and undead nasties in over 20 hours of gameplay, will have legs.

Cox added "Castlevania has run for 25 years, and could easily run for as long again!"

Well if nothing else, it's good to see a developer with ambition. Could Castlevania become the first 50 year gaming franchise?

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