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Levine: Games industry has a Hollywood complex

Too many devs "star-struck" by the movie business, says BioShock creator

Ken Levine thinks too many people in the games industry are "star-struck" by the movie business.


The BioShock creator, who formerly failed in the pursuit of a Hollywood screenwriting career, also told Develop he turned down the chance to make a game with "a very talented film director" because he didn't like the idea of sharing the creative lead position.

"My feeling is, why? Why would any game designer want to do that? In our industry there's too many people star-struck of the movie world, jumping into deals with some big movie director just because they're big film directors," he said.

"I think there' a sense in the entertainment fields that videogames are seen as the junior varsity. There's this feeling of 'oh one day you can come up to our league'."

Levine added: "And of course film directors can jump through the game industry's open doors. Guillermo del Toro - who by the way is an amazing film director - recently signed a deal with THQ to make videogames. And I'm thinking... he's never made a videogame. Maybe he's got a genius for it. But games are really, really hard to make well."

Levine's currently serving as creative lead on the excellent looking BioShock Infinite, while del Toro's planning to announce a game deal with THQ in the next few weeks.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]