Peter Moore: 'What was I thinking!?'

Interview: The EA Sports boss is not happy. CVG finds out why...

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"The huge majority of customers have no problem with it," he claims. "They get a free code that gives them access to more free downloadable content than ever. What's not to like? We've seen no negativity whatsoever in terms of how the Online Pass has affected our connection rates to the EA Servers. That tells me that people don't have a problem with punching in a single, simple code."

You might not agree, but it's this strident self-belief in both conviction and product that has fuelled Peter Moore's wildly successful career - and he's not about to stop any time soon.

In fact, he's already talking about making FIFA 2012 even bigger than this year's iteration - largely by migrating non-gaming football fans and FIFA Facebook players to 360 and PS3.

You know what? He'll probably manage it, too.

Whether launching Xbox 360 or convincing Rockstar to break GTA's PlayStation exclusivity; shattering records with Madden or revitalising an exhausted FIFA, Peter Moore is not a man that prosperity is inclined to shy away from.

Regardless of the tie he decides to wear.

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