New Shenmue announced... for mobile

'Shenmue Town' due in Japan this year

Sega's announced a new Shemue game - and it'll be released in Japan this year.

Before you poo out your insides in excitement however, take note that 'Shenmue Town' will be released for the Yahoo! Japan version of Mobage-town, a popular mobile phone-based social network. At least we didn't put 'Shenmue 3' in the headline.


According to Sega, the mobile game will be the "third" in the Shenmue series, but we're not exactly expecting a continuation from the last game's cliffhanger conclusion.

Sega recently admitted that it "thinks a lot" about the Shenmue series, and a previous Sega leak revealed that the publisher's planning to bring Dreamcast games to PSN - and probably XBLA as well.

Go on Sega, stick the first two on current consoles - we'll buy them.