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THQ sees 'real opportunity' on iPad

UFC, WWE, Saints Row for Apple devices?

THQ CEO Brian Farrell thinks developers are still getting to grips with iPad, but he believes there's "a real opportunity" to grow existing franchises like UFC and WWE on Apple's device and its little brother iPhone.


While the exec says the company isn't "going to do a lot of dedicated iPhone games" as it's "hard to make a lot of money on that system unless you can build brands", he sees room to build on existing properties in a number of interesting ways.

"Take a game like UFC, you could train your character on the iPhone or iPad and upload your character to your Xbox 360 or PS3," he told MCV.

"You have to think very broadly about what does our consumer want and where will they play. And if you deliver that great entertainment, things like online, offline, retail, Facebook, all those problems become more clear."

He added: "How about with a game like UFC - a brand we have already built - or WWE or Saints Row? If we build the franchise then we can win wherever we choose to play.

"I am a[n iPad] user and I think it is a great media consumption device. And I do not think we've seen the best games on that platform yet, so that is a real opportunity there. Our strategy is to build our games and put them on all screens, the TV monitor, the PC screen, the iPad, and where appropriate on mobile."

It sounds a little bit like what Ubisoft is doing with its new 'Companion Gaming' initiative. The publisher said this week that it's to trim its game release slate and focus more on adding depth to core franchises like Assassin's Creed by releasing companion titles on different platforms.

The early fruit of the strategy is a recently launched Facebook game that unlocks content in the upcoming Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Farrell also told MCV that 3D with glasses "doesn't deliver today".