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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 blowing up iPhone, iPod

14 missions and online multiplayer for handheld release

EA's to launch Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for iPhone and iPod touch.

The mobile version of the FPS will feature a single player campaign consisting of 14 missions spread across five different landscapes including jungle, snow and desert, according to Touch Arcade.

It'll also boast online multiplayer in some form, although the mode wasn't detailed.

Vehicle combat will make the handheld version, but we're not sure the same will be true of the destructible environments the series is renowned for.

Of all the major publishers EA has perhaps embraced iPhone more than any other, bringing major franchises such as Tiger Woods, Need for Speed, FIFA and Madden to the device.


Earlier today THQ said that it sees "a real opportunity" to grow core franchises like UFC, WWE and Saints Row on Apple platforms.

Yesterday Capcom said it is planning to release an iPhone Dead Rising game in time for Christmas this year.

[ SOURCE: Touch Arcade ]