3DS 'cheaper than I expected' - Sonic creator

Yuji Naka would like to come up with something 'completely new' for handheld

Sonic creator Yuji Naka has talked up the value of a 25,000 yen ($300) Nintendo 3DS, telling CVG the handheld is cheaper than he expected.

"When I saw the 3DS at E3 I guessed it would be around 29,000 or 28,000 mark, but when it came out at 25,000 it was quite a bit lower than I expected," Naka-san told CVG in London last week.


"Compared to what it can do and the functionality it provides it is a very fair price I think... it's very interesting, a great machine. Apart from the gaming functions I like the communication functions and at the same time as a creator I definitely want to do something using the platform."

On the kind of games Naka - and his studio, Prope - would create on the 3DS, he ruled out a 3D version of upcoming Wii and DS puzzler, Ivy the Kiwi?

"Given the opportunity I'd like to come up with a new game for the 3DS, not just Ivy the Kiwi? but something completely new. That's what is great about the 3DS and what it deserves."

In the same interview Naka told CVG that he's set to reveal his long-in-development action game this month.