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3DS battery life will be shorter than DS

Handheld will include dedicated charging "cradle"

The Nintendo 3DS will obviously require more juice than its 2D predecessor but Nintendo apparently hasn't made concessions for this with a new, bigger battery.

That's what comments from Ninty president Satoru Iwata suggest anyway.

"As for the battery, it is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent recharging than Nintendo DS," he said during a recent Q&A with investors.


"This is why we are going to include the cradle, which is a dedicated battery charger.

"Perhaps we may need to dispatch to our consumers a message, something like, 'Please place your Nintendo 3DS on the cradle as soon as you return home with it'."

No big surprises, although a bigger battery could have been added to the 3DS, it would most likely have made it bulkier and more expensive at retail.

Nintendo is yet to release numbers for the official battery life for the 3DS, with the only details being that the device will contain a Lithium ion battery.

Yesterday Iwata pointed out that the Nintendo 3DS is likely to be the first 3D device to sell in high numbers to a mass market.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]