Kinect gets... boat peripheral?!

Now this is what you call embarrassing

Atomic Accessories has come up with the first 'peripheral' for Kinect - the Game Boat.

Yes, CVG readers, your cries have been heard! "Where is our peripheral boat?" you demanded in your millions following the rubber dinghy mini-game in Kinect Adventures.


And it's here! Atomic Accessories, peripheral-maker of the people, would not let your demands go unanswered.

"The first product in the Play On line-up brings the entertainment of Kinect Adventures game out of the tv set, directly in your living room!" it shouts on its website.

"Game it Real! With this real-size replica of Kinect Adventures's awesome dinghy."

We don't know what Game it Real means either. But if you want to Game it Real, something I'm sure we've all secretly wanted to do since watching the Kinect Adventures trailer, at least we can now do so thanks to this amazing rubber dinghy.

Atomic notes that Game Boat can be used "in the water, at the sea or at the pool, by children and adults."

Fingers crossed, next week their future peripherals will allow us to Game it Real with actual tigers for Kinectimals as well.

[ SOURCE: Atomic Accessories ]