Naka cuts ties with Sega and Sonic

"I have no intention to be involved with Sega projects in the future"

Sonic creator, Yuji Naka has ruled out ever working on Sega or Sonic projects again.

Speaking to CVG in London last week, the Prope boss - who's busy promoting Wii game Ivy the Kiwi? - said he has "no intention to go back to Sega or be involved with Sega projects in the future."


He said: "One of the reasons I left and formed Prope was to stimulate the younger generation of creators. I think the younger generation are watching and if I go back to Sega it isn't going to be good for them.

"I think I have at least five or ten years left to create new things in the industry. Given the choice I'd spend that remaining time doing something good at Prope, influencing the next generation, rather than going back to Sega.

"So no, I have no intention to go back to Sega, whether it's for Sonic or another project... I spent 15 years making Sonic and he's 15 years old, I think it's time for the cute little son to leave his parents and do his own thing."

On the future of the blue hedgehog, Naka-san said he's confident the staff he left behind at Sonic Team are capable enough to deliver.

"I believe in Sega and the Sonic Team. Even without me I think the team can come up with great new Sonic games," he said. "I don't really have any intentions to go back to Sonic Team even if I had the opportunity in the future."

In the same interview Naka told CVG that he's set to reveal his long-in-development action game this month.