The 7 best PlayStation exclusives of all time

Essential titles for the PlayStation faithful

A week after PlayStation celebrated its 15th Anniversary, we're mixing nostalgia with the modern day and deciding once and for all what PlayStation exclusives you should have had on your shelf at some point to get the best out of Sony's consoles.

Here are our picks for the best of the best across all three consoles:


1. Metal Gear Solid
This is Solid Snake before the 28 hour cut-scenes, the unwieldy socio-political storylines and the never-ending endings.

Even if you've been a fan of Hideo Kojima's sneak and peak series right up to Guns of the Patriots, the original Metal Gear has to be considered the best in the series for propelling Kojima and his mullet-wearing shadowed stalker into PlayStation stardom.

The fact that Kojima stuck a level from the original Metal Gear into Guns of the Patriots and fans lapped it up - smooth, pixelated faces and all - just goes to show how much the original Metal Gear means to PlayStation users.

Rich gameplay, an engrossing story and bosses that have become infamous kicked off one of gaming's biggest franchises.


2.Uncharted 2
The first game set up the play and the second scored one of the most spectacular gaming touchdowns in history. What other game gives you scenes as massive and as epic as that first train level?

Slowly and strenuously fighting gravity, Drake jumps from one seat to the next as his particular carriage is unfortunately hanging off a cliff face. Public transport; what can you do?

But it's not just the massive set-pieces that keep the player in control, it's the range of personalities that are brought to life with impeccable acting and real character development.

Sure when you've got your mates round you're playing it for the gun-slinging Indiana-esque action adventure. But you're really keeping one eye on that love triangle aren't you? Thought so.


3.God of War Collection
You think Uncharted 2 was epic? Who told you that? Uncharted 2 is about as epic as Question Time in comparison to the day-to-day life of the mighty Kratos.

In fact, if we were to squeeze any game into a time-capsule to show future generations just how in your face, over the top epic "that old-timer tech" used to be, it'd be a God of War title. Scrap that, it'd be all of them.

Put aside the rip-your-head-off-and-throw-it-down-a-volcano violence (which we love by the way) and you've still got a game that somehow manages to serve up and adventure on a scale like no other.

We're not ones for hyperbole (ahem) but the game begins with a cut-scene that would make any top-paid Hollywood animator green and it certainly caused our mouths the drop an inch or two.

It's one thing to see beautifully rendered, incredibly detailed Titans of giant proportions scaling a cliff-face, it's something else entirely to find that your adventure begins on one of the Titans itself.

A platforming slash-em-up on a massive stone bloke? You won't see anything even close to it in any other game.

OK so maybe we've cheated by going for the God of War Collection but if you can have all three why on Earth wouldn't you?


Let's put the smoking guns and decapitated heads to one side now (maybe on the bedside table for later).

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