DS leads in Japan despite big weekly decline

Pokemon effect tails off, but PSP still can't come close

DS retained the lead on the Japanese hardware chart during the week ended October 3, despite a large drop off in sales after a major spike brought on by the launch of Pokemon Black & White.

Combined DS sales fell from 89,199 units the previous week to 54,890, while total PSP sales dropped from 38,476 units to 37,842.


Elsewhere, PS3 continued to comfortably outsell Wii, DS Lite sales more than doubled those of Xbox 360, and PS2 topped PSPgo.

Earlier today we reported that Pokemon Black & White held the top spot on the weekly software chart, while Okamiden and Dead Rising 2 made top ten debuts.

Hardware sales week ended October 3 (previous week):
PSP: 37,088 (37,576)
DSi: 24,937 (49,411)
DSi LL: 24,246 (32,777)
PS3: 20,363 (20,694)
Wii: 13,360 (16,908)
DS Lite: 5,707 (7,011)
X360: 2,769 (2,599)
PS2: 1,247 (1,514)
PSPgo: 754 (900)

[ SOURCE: Media Create ]