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CVG: Comments of the week

Fun like a clown in a ball pool

This week's Comments went from being as bland as bland cake to a titter-fest in about an hour.

It's all thanks to one glorious company and its desperation to make peripherals.

So without further chatter, welcome to "CVG: Boat comments of the week."

Oh, but first...

Jack Thompson: Gamers can 'go to Hell'

Jack Thompson should be the main villain for all future games.

...You might be on to something there Moorpheus

Someone needs to end this man's life, for the good of everything, everywhere.

Except himself we assume Uzi77?

Gamers: Jack Thompson can 'go to hell'

sened9.....You're hired.

New Ferrari game going cheap to 'loyal fans'

I've heard of the problems with fifa's career mode and i'm just glad i didn't go buy it on release day. I suppose they with get it fixed for fifa 12 though, hang on a minute didn't they say that last year. Good old EA.

Wow. talk about off-topic vmanb.

Duke Nukem Forever 'dances on the line of decency'

If it gets banned in AU I think I will cry...

Strange because Insidious is actually from Peru.

Kinect gets... boat peripheral?!

Does it float, coz i can take it to Blackpool at the weekend.

You know you can just buy a normal boat for that and put it in your living room, don't you 360365?

I vote for a chicken attachment for Move too. Shooting zombies with a chicken. Doesn't get more random than that!

Nice surrealism there subform, very nice.

Box states "ideal for Kinect adventures", this doesnt mean you can't use it for Gears of War 3. Finally, a victory for the core gamer!

We intend to be doing just that buffig.

So, if you'll get one of these, you'd be on a boat, right?

That sounded funnier before writing it.

Yeah....There's always the delete button unacomn.

I suppose if Kinect adventures sucks, we could always use it for the Uncharted Drakes Fortune rapids level.

When I say 'use it', I mean sit in it. With a pad. And a cup of tea.

Mark240473 has hit the nail on the head with this comment we feel.

What's all the fuss a boat?

Oh God WiffleBalls.... You don't know what you've done!

I'm in total oar of this...

theaface - Nooooooo!

"Now this could really make a splash!"

MrPirtniw - The puns!

it looks like it could have a raft of features

buffig - The terrible, terrible puns!

when will this be on sail

buffig - Someone stab us in the eyes!