Dedicated servers will help make Gears Of War 3 'bulletproof' - Epic

Studio "doing whatever it can" to prevent lag

Epic has claimed that dedicated servers will help ensure Gears Of War 3 online won't be ruined by lag.

The studio's Gears Of War 2 was famously dogged by latency - but lead designer Cliff Bleszinski says its learned its lesson.


"Well I think dedicated servers will be a huge help," he told 1Up.

"You can't always guarantee a perfect game in the wild though. I've had lag in [Halo] Reach, I've had lag in Call of Duty. Lag is a reality of the Internet when you have millions of people connecting. That said, as a developer, it's your job to do whatever you can to bulletproof a new game as much as possible and dedicated servers, again, will help that."

Epic last week announced that the release of the game had been delayed from its planned spring 2011 window to autumn next year.

Bleszinski added: "It's more about online performance because when you have a client-server architecture with Gears, you have somebody hosting and that host has somewhat of an inherent advantage over everybody else, which becomes this big [negative] thing. Like, in Gears or in Counter-Strike, if somebody kicked your ass, you claimed they were wall hacking even though they weren't.

"And now if you win in Gears it's, "You have host advantage!" But by removing [client servers] you suddenly have a level playing field for everybody. We have a server farm that Microsoft is helping us out with, so people will have a level playing field."