Slick Vanquish screens unleashed

Shiny suits, power-slides and sparks

Sega has released a bunch of new screenshots for Shinji Mikami's upcoming third-person action game Vanquish.

Vanquish takes place during a time when numerous wars are being waged over limited resources.

The US has launched a space station to provide an alternative solar-energy source, however, the Russian Federation has its eyes set on the space station too.


The screens show off Sam Gideon in his Guyver-esque suit precariously running towards enemies with guns blazing and suit-thrusters firing.

They also feature a new character sporting a red exoskeleton suit similar to Sam's. Since the mysterious inhabitant of the suit is dive kicking and firing at Sam we're going to guess he or she isn't a friendly.

People who missed out on Platinum Games' previous effort, Bayonetta, can get the game for free with their purchase if they pre-order at