MS sees Windows Phone 7 'as a games console'

Xbox 360's launch line-up to be dwarfed by new Windows device

Microsoft has said that it views its upcoming Windows Phone 7 "as a games console" and plans to support the device with a robust launch line-up of titles.


"We're going to have a launch portfolio of games that's bigger than the one we had with the Xbox 360," Kevin Unangst, senior global director for Games for Windows, told TechRadar.

"We're fully thinking of [this platform] as a games console. Games like Fruit Ninja will be important, harnessing a number of features like access to friends and connecting to other Xbox Live users."

Unangst also said the company's hard at work on new features to improve cross-platform gaming functionality between Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.

"We've talked about the possibility in the future to use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) to use your Windows Phone as a companion screen [where additional content would be displayed alongside the main game]," he said.

"And it could be that one day you pay a simple price and get the same game in various forms on multiple devices - although that won't be coming at launch."

Microsoft said in August that it hopes to provide a gaming experience "much more like Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade" with Windows Phone 7.

Epic vice president Mark Rein said last week that Microsoft's device could be a dark horse in the mobile gaming space.

[ SOURCE: TechRadar ]