Huge staff cuts at Singularity dev

Raven Software lays off 40 employees, according to report

Raven Software, the developer most recently responsible for action game Singularity, has been hit with huge staff cuts.

That's according to Kotaku - citing sources "directly affected by the layoffs - claiming that as many as 40 employees have been axed following the completion of its latest project.

Sources say these cuts are a result of the developer's decision to focus on downloadable content. Activision is less specific in its response to the report:

"With the recent completion of Singularity, Raven Software is realigning its workforce to better reflect the studio's upcoming slate," said a rep.

In addition to the recent Singularity, the studio was previously responsible for Wolfenstein, X-Men Origins, Quake 4 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]