Japan: 20% think 3DS is too expensive

Nation weighs in on the price of Nintendo's new handheld

Almost 20 per cent of Japanese consumers think Nintendo's upcoming 3DS is priced too high at 25,000 yen (£192), according to a recent survey.


Website polled over 1,000 consumers, asking whether they thought the handheld was expensive or cheap. Their responses follow (via Kotaku):

Slightly Expensive: 32.2% (323 replies)
Expensive: 28.3% (284 replies)
Too Expensive: 19.2% (192 replies)
Reasonable: 16.4% (164 replies)
Slightly Inexpensive: 2% (20 replies)
Inexpensive: 0.9% (9 replies)

CVG's Andy took some convincing that the 3DS is worth £200 following a hands-on-session in August, while Sonic Creator Yuji Naka told us last week he thought the price "was quite a bit lower" than he expected.

3DS is set to launch in Japan next February and the following month in the UK. What are you willing to pay for it?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]