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Capcom legend: 'I hate my job'

Inafune reveals he wants to retire early

Mega Man creator and all-round Capcom head honcho, Keiji Inafune shocked an interviewer, revealing 'I hate my job'.

Speaking in a recent interview with Excite Japan, the Capcom producer - who's been responsible for everything from Lost Planet to Dead Rising and Onimusha - revealed the stress of overseeing the mega-publisher's games line-up is pushing him to retirement.


Asked if he loves his job at Capcom, Inafune responded: "It's the opposite. I hate it! I want to retire early and take it easy." Don't hold back, Keiji.

Continuing, the Dead Rising producer added that the stress is why he's working so hard now. He says if one likes their work, then they can take it slow. Apparently, he says he could do a small bit of work on a game like Dead Rising and then get paid a high salary.

"There are loads of creators like that," he explained. "But I'm not like that. If things are difficult while they are doing it, they can become a leader and a creator."

For Inafune, making games is work, not play, he said.

Poor man. Come on CVG readers, let's cheer up Keiji in the comments below. It's not all bad in the world of games development!

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]