Medal of Honor review - 7/10 in Edge

"A robust, if seldom surprising, rebuttal to MW2's dominance," says mag

Our colleagues at Edge have posted their Medal of Honor review - and given the game a 7/10. They say: "EA's sombre reboot proves a mostly convincing representation of modern warfare, but lacks the bravado of its peers."


According to the review, the game "rejects the sort of gung-ho globetrotting baloney seen in Modern Warfare, and makes an honest attempt not to trivialise the lives of US soldiers, creating an air of sober authenticity which is unusual among shooters".

The campaign is a short one, it says, clocking in at six hours or so, and at its core it's "still a heavily scripted, linear shooting gallery in which hordes of enemies bundle towards you without any thought of self-preservation".

But the title's multiplayer should provide "enduring appeal, should your sensitivities permit you to indulge in it", Edge adds.

"MOH is a robust, if seldom surprising, rebuttal to MW2's dominance, and its measured tone and diligent observation of military patter make it a marginally more meaningful representation of modern warfare itself," the mag concludes.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]