GoldenEye 007 changes explained

Scriptwriter on why the story has been altered

GoldenEye 007 Wii scripwriter Bruce Feirstein has told ONM why he had to make changes to the original's storyline and setting for the forthcoming Wii revival.

"The world has changed," explained Feirstein. "When GoldenEye came out, the big reveal was Trevelyan's father was a Cossack massacred during WWII. Now in order for that to take place today, Trevelyan would be around 80 years old. The Zukovsky character played by Robbie Coltrane, the KGB agent, would be 80 years old too.


"It's a different world now, with new threats and challenges. So we gave Trevelyan a new motivation - I would tell you what that is, but I don't want to spoil the reveal."

Feirstein's comments appear to back up Jullian Widdows' (producer of GoldenEye 007) opinion that the original story doesn't stand the test of time.

However, Feirstein did explain how the modern world had inspired Zukovsky. "Coltrane's Zukovsky character is more in line with a world where you have Russian billionaires like Roman Abramovich buying football teams, so we made Zukovsky the owner of a shady nightclub in Barcelona and a football club."

In addition to the characters, some of the settings have also changed. "In the original movie, the helicopter was stolen from a French frigate in the Monaco harbour, but because this is a game and a world more aware of huge arms fairs," continued Feirstein. "We moved all of that to an arms fair in Dubai. Dubai is, in a way, the new Monaco. So you just clean it and polish it up and modernise it."

You can read the full interview with Bruce Feirstein in the November issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which is on sale now. You can buy it here.