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MS working to satisfy 'exceptional' Kinect demand

Company responds to sell-outs at major retailers

In response to the news that numerous retailers have exhausted their Kinect pre-order stock allocation, Microsoft has said it's working hard to ensure there's enough product to meet consumer demand this Christmas.


"Over the course of just three weeks in November, we're launching across every market where Xbox 360 is sold and will have more units of Kinect available than any other Xbox launch," the company told MCV.

"Pre-orders have demonstrated that there is exceptional consumer excitement and demand for Kinect and we will continue to work hard to ensure that Kinect for Xbox 360 is available for the Christmas season."

CVG reported last month that Kinect pre-order stock allocation was running low in GAME stores. And yesterday the firm's HQ admitted that the device had sold out nationwide.

Play and Amazon have sold out too.

Kinect is launching on November 10 in the UK. It will be available as a standalone peripheral or bundled with Xbox 360.