Medal of Honor 2010 review scores hit 76 Metacritic average

Critics give EA's reboot generally favourable reviews

Medal Of Honor 2010 review scores have ended up reasonably favourable - after a rough road to release.

The game has earned a Metacritic score in the mid-70s across all three platforms.


The Xbox 360 version of EA's first-person shooter has the highest average Metacritic rating of the three platforms. It currently has a 76, based on 30 critic reviews.

The highest review scores were from Eurogamer Italy, GamingTrend and XboxAddict. The lowest review score was Giant Bomb's 60 (3/5 stars).

The PC version of Medal of Honor currently holds an average rating of 75, based on 12 reviews. The current highest score is 87, which was awarded by IGN, Giant Bomb and GameSpy have given the PC version its lowest scores of 60.

The PlayStation 3 version has the lowest score, 23 reviews have averaged out at a 74, labeling it the weakest of the three versions.

Our review of the game described it as good FPS experience with more positives than negatives, but still not on par with CoD. Check out our full review round-up to see more reviews.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]