Red Dead Undead: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 23 screenshots from the latest Undead Nightmare footage

Zombies seem to send us all mental. It doesn't even matter what crowbarred context we find them in.

Look at Call of Duty World At War. An otherwise realistic World War II FPS with an undead Survival Mode tagged on? Sounds dubious. "It's fine, we'll call it 'Nazi Zombies'." Oh, jolly good.

Truth is, zombies make for a frenzy of fun regardless of the setting. That's why when Rockstar announced zombies for Red Dead Redemption - even though we realised it made no sense whatsoever - we were all over it.

We're so into the idea of splattering half-chewed, mono-groan, flesh-eaters across the Wild West that we've been through Rockstar's latest Undead Nightmare trailer to pick out every clue we can as to what it's all about.


As far as back story's concerned, well, there doesn't seem to be an awful lot. So far there's been no explanation as to why the dead have decided it's time to wake up again.

The trailer begins with John Marston and a couple of town folk trying to figure out what in tar nation is going on as the cold zombie hands start to claw at windows.


Of course, if you had to pick one character out of the Red Dead storyline to be your zombie consultant it'd be good 'ol grave robber Seth wouldn't it? Shame he's so crazy then, but he does seem to play a significant role in the story if his screen-time is anything to go by.

"The dead are risen," Seth rejoices before attributing the whole thing to a "plague" turning people into "flesh-eating crazies". Another chap panics with "Kill 'em, before they kill all of us!"

This video is no longer available

And as far as plot and premise goes, we reckon that's going to be about the depth of Undead Nightmare, which is no bad thing considering the success Nazi Zombies had with just four walls and a few guns.


Let's get into the nitty-gritty then. One thing we think worthy of a little attention flag is the inclusion of the context sensitive under-the-chin execution in the latest trailer.

Now, anyone who knows their zombies (and we like to think we do) will be thinking tactically already. Shoot a zombie in the chest: no great shakes - it's the head you want to be aiming for and what better way to take off a cranium than with a shotgun under the chin?


We reckon these take-downs are going to become pretty useful when you've got your back to the wall. Oh, and judging from some of the snaps, we're not talking about a handful of zombies at a time either. It looks like we're going to find ourselves swamped.


Continuing the speculation and deduction: The trailer shows Marston wafting away zombies like flies with a flaming stick.

More zombie facts for your noggins: Zombies don't like to be set on fire (weirdos). Is the flame-flailing just a cut-scene from the DLCs single-player or could it be a new melee weapon?


Also notice the prominence of named tombstones in the trailer. One in particular belongs to Herbert Forth, that's the father of Seth's fellow grave robber Moses Forth.

Ordinarily a tombstone puts a bit of a dampener on any plans one might have for the future but, since all kinds of buried folk are getting up and roaming around, could we see the introduction of characters (or bits of them at least) that could only be talked about previously?


Of course, these are all just our own musings. We are, however going to claim this one as a CVG world exclusive: 'Red Dead Zombies: Chuck Norris confirmed'. No? OK, probably not.

Peruse the rest of the screenshots that we've snatched from the trailer and put your deduction skills to the test.