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PC games need investment to succeed - Taylor

RTS legend says StarCraft II is an example of big budgets paying off

Core PC games need big budget investment to succeed, and StarCraft II is proof, says RTS legend Chris Taylor.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, Taylor - who's currently promoting the promising Obsidian dungeon crawler, Dungeon Siege III - told us that if games publishers go all out on big budget PC games sales will follow.


"In core gaming people see the PC as shrinking and see the RTS as the fad that past over the last ten years. [They say] the sun is setting on it, but StarCraft 2 brings it back in a massive way," he said.

"People go 'oh yeah, it's simply an investment of publisher dollars'. Age of Empires Online will probably be successful and show that it's about the investment being there. You know, build it and they will come - the Field of Dreams line from the Kevin Costner movie. There is so much truth to this statement."

On StarCraft II's influence on demand for RTS games, Taylor said he actually saw an interest boost from publishers before its release.

"The interest actually heated up two or three months before StarCraft 2. It's like a dividend, same idea; our phone was ringing off the hook on the ramp up," he said.

"What I'm saying is that there's a kind of chicken and egg thing here. Blizzard spends around $100 million-plus, so of course they're going to do $300 million in sales."

What do you say, readers? Does the PC need more console-level big budget releases?

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