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Fable III to 'broaden audience' as Kingmaker launches

App key in drawing in new players, says MS

The third instalment of the Fable series will reach out to a new audience by drawing on action-adventure influences, as well as its traditional RPG heritage.

That's according to Director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft, Stephen McGill, who was speaking to CVG in an exclusive interview on the recently launched Kingmaker Smart-Phone app, which pits Royals versus Rebels in a battle for pre-release honours and gold.

McGill said, "Fable III has drawn influences from action-adventure games as well as RPGs, so it is definitely broadening its audience. Kingmaker is helping to capitalise on that expansion by engaging and exciting new players as well as fans of the franchise."


Combining portions of geo-location and augmented reality gaming, the Kingmaker Smartphone app has now attracted over 30,000 gamers (as of today), says MS, who plant virtual flags in real-world locations to earn treasure and rewards in the full game which launches on October 29.

The much heralded iPhone version launched yesterday on the iTunes store and with a wealth of new Apple phone owners set to join the fray, competition is sure to be fierce.

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