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Visceral: Multiplayer can help us conquer 3rd person action genre

Developer aiming for roughly one release every year following expansion

Visceral Games general manager Nick Earl says strong attention to multiplayer can help the expanding Dead Space and Dante's Inferno studio conquer the third person action adventure genre.


Telling Gamasutra that the Visceral brand is growing, with the main studio now sharing resources with EA Los Angeles, its art-focused Shanghai studio, EA Montreal and a newly-built "from scratch" studio in Melbourne, he said the developer's aiming for roughly one release per year.

"My mission is to take this group and establish it as the top-quality action-adventure space," Earl said.

"[Multiplayer's] traditionally not a huge component of third-person games. We are going to have strong third-person multiplayer with every one of our games.

"They differ depending on the game... but we're going to try to perfect the recipes to each of the franchises, we're really going to try to lead the industry in the development and performance of online multiplayer inside the third-person space."

It's an interesting strategy, with many consumers still unconvinced that multiplayer is needed in a series like Dead Space. Check out Dead Space 2's multiplayer reveal trailer here.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]