Fable 3: Rise of the Kingmaker

Take sides, take land, take gold

In just a few short weeks Albion will once again be inhabited by gamers from all around the world. Legends will be born, stories will be told and history will be made as heroes carve their own unique story in the Fable universe.

Fable 3 is set around 50 years after the events that transpired in the second game, the old Monarch of Albion - the hero of Fable 2 - has passed away. The Kingdom of Albion has been left to a petty, corrupt and tyrannical successor named Logan. As the younger sibling of this detested King, it is your job to lead the revolution and put an end to Logan's selfish reign of cruelty.


Fable 3 takes the series in a bold new direction by splitting the game into two distinct acts. In the first half, players will have to establish a reputation and gain the support of the denizens of Albion. Eventually they will lead the charge against King Logan, overthrow him and take his place as the ruler of Albion.

The second half will be focused on life as the new King; promises must be kept and peace must be maintained as the neighbouring nation of Aurora threatens the safety of Albion and your reign as Monarch.

App me up
Yet as experienced Fable players know, often the hardest part of a journey is taking the first step. Without a good reserve of gold, questing can be far more arduous than necessary, decent weapons and items are harder to come by and without a decent amount of coin in your purse, a hero's reputation and influence can be difficult to establish.

Fortunately, Fable 3 allows you to get a bit of a head start with Kingmaker, the new Smart Phone app which. following in the grand tradition of Fable 2's Pub Games, allows aspiring revolutionaries to build themselves a small fortune ahead of the game's full release.

So with a spring in our step and a Smart Phone in our pocket, we joined over 30,000 existing players and signed up, downloading the app to our Android enabled phone and got to work as one of the rascally rebels determined to win fame, glory and a small fortune in gold coin to spend in the real game.

Kingmaker bridges the gap between the game and the real world by allowing players to directly participate in the battle to decide the ultimate fate of Albion. The war ravaging Albion has spilled onto the equally volatile streets of Great Britain. Just like in Albion, the corrupt King's Royals and the revolutionary freedom fighters must take to the streets to establish dominance over the land - all the while earning gold and treasure for doing so.


After signing up to Kingmaker we were assigned to the Rebel Forces and our mission was simple - to plant Flags for the rebels and search out locations that could potentially yield treasure. For every flag we planted in the name of the rebels we were awarded 50 gold coins, all of which will carry over to the full Fable 3 campaign.

They can take our lives, but they can't take our Smartphones!
Using Kingmaker we began to 'check in' at locations around London, the application utilising our phone's in-built GPS function to alter the allegiance of the particular location we'd plant our flags on. Neutral locations would be marked on the map as owing allegiance to the rebels, however, territory occupied by the Royals would require us to plant multiple flags and recruit other rebels to help turn their allegiances to our side.

Although the gold won't reap any benefits until it is transferred into Fable 3, Kingmaker gave our spoils a perceived value by constantly updating what our current gold would be worth in game, as well as what we could have with a few more flags planted. Needless to say, we weren't content with the 'cook's hat' and continued to work tirelessly.

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