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The 5 best Xbox exclusives of all time

Must play titles for the Xbox massive

Last week we scribbled down our all time faves across the history of PlayStation. We thought it only fair to give the Xbox the same treatment.

It does, after all, lay claim to its own rather impressive library of exclusives as well. Who could deny the likes of Alan Wake, Left 4 Dead or even the perhaps left of field Viva Pinata?

We wouldn't spoil a whole best of feature by naming half the bunch in the intro though, Lord no.

That's why we've stuck five games that we think knock the spots off of the above that Microsoft and the Xbox brand can call entirely their own.

What's that? Some of you are pulling the PC card? Ok, we admit that a few of these hit the PC as well. Think of this as a list of games that PlayStation faithful can't get their hands on - then everyone's a winner. Except the PlayStation faithful.

1. Fable II
When you've got someone like Peter Molyneux publicising your game, as a developer, you must feel pressure like a deep sea diver. OK so Fable II wasn't without its flaws but half the reason they were apparent in the first place was because of the massive expectations Lionhead instil us with.

A few blemishes then but that doesn't stop Fable II being one of the best RPG adventure games available from high street stalls. Lionhead took the foundations from the original and righted many of its wrongs.


It's the basic Fable premise: set a few hundred years after its predecessor, it's up to you as a lad (or lass) to bring back old legends and save the world.

The whole "shape the world you're in" thing was dumbed right down (damn you Molyneux) but that didn't stop Fable II being great. It was the added subtlety of building your reputation about town with every seemingly insignificant action that pushed the notion of giving the player real choice forward.

As a concept, Fable on the whole may not be everyone's cup of Joe, but a game that somehow fits breaking into people's houses and doing a chicken dance into an altogether incredibly absorbing story has achieved something in our books.

2. Halo 3
Oh, what a surprise, a Halo game in a best of Xbox article.

Bungie's Halo series obviously has to contribute to this whole caboodle somehow, the difficult bit is deciding which Halo should be praised from the high heavens as the finest FPS man can find.

We're sure you've got your own opinions - and you're not a shy lot - but we've gone with Halo 3.

"What about Reach!?" you might scream. We loved Halo Reach, just ask our review, but in all honesty, we didn't think it quite matched the pinnacle of the third Halo.


Halo 3 might not be a revolution in the FPS formula, but it is just about as much fun as you'll ever have with a pixel gun stuck to the end of a camera. Absolutely every element of it, from vehicles to music to the bread and butter of shooting someone in the face, is honed, pushed and perfected.

Halo 3 doesn't just top the gaming table in terms of Sci-Fi adventure, it defines what every developer should be striving for when sticking together a first person shooter.

3. Mass Effect
This is another pickle of a pick. A real head scratcher. After Halo, Mass Effect is probably the franchise Xbox gamers would flag up as console cream.

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