CVG: Comments of the week

You make us smile. Here's how...

Guess what? You said some funny stuff this week.

Sure it wasn't a regular riot of laughter but there were some notable titters from inside the CVG office and we've stuck the causes below.

Every so often, you say some really rubbish stuff as well, but that's OK becuase it makes us laugh even more.

Fable 3: Rise of the Kingmaker

I've downloaded it to my iPod Touch, so I can only pplant flags where a free wi-fi connection is available. As a result I have 20 flags in my garden.

I also walked my dog around for an hour looking for unsecured wifi spots, logged in and planted some flags. Stupid Royals, leaving their routers without passwords.

Unfortunately for me it means I can't get to any treasure, but at least I'm getting some in game pennies!

This is the most devastating sob story ever Spam23! You should go on X Factor.

Namco celebrates miner rescue...with Mr. Driller

I still think we should have greeted the Chilean miners dressed up in costumes from Planet of the Apes...

CVG was there, hairy and ready MithEd. Where were you?

I hear Gary Glitter was spotted near there until someone explained that it was 'miners' that were trapped.

You know Razors Edge, there was a boat related article you would have liked.

Gran Turismo 5 delayed AGAIN

maybe Slolny should hire Gearbox to finish it off for them

Cutting J1GSAW. Very cutting indeed.


Ha! Excellent humour efficiency a3HeadedMokey, or as we like to call it "Humourfficiency"

They must be adding zombies to it...

Hold the phone ssstones... GT Zombies? It's so wrong it just might be right!

GT5 delay 'inexcusable' says Yamuchi

ive a punch bag with kaz face on it got a go hit that sucker again

We'd just like to say, despite holding much love for Spurs27, we do not condone violence towards Yamuchi or his likeness.

Namco pulls 'inexcusable' Mr. Driller image

So much bad language, i hope there are no " minors " reading this.

Alright kirkscanlon, you and Razors Edge are on your last warning. Pun week was last week.

15 DC Universe screenshots show Batcave

This is looking "super". That was bad, I'm really sorry.

Don't make us stick your face on a punch bag and have Spurs27 hit it, kirkscanlon

Modern Warfare 2 - still a 10/10 game?

I don't know man, was your girlfriend as hot as when you met her for the first time ?


DirtyProdigy is the authority on how hot your girlfriend is, and whether or not that hotness is in decline.

'We've made too many Sonic games' - Sega

shenmue 3 should replace its main character for Sonic , in fact every game Sega are involved with should replace all characters with sonic ones and that includes the total war series.

It's a bold move martinawatson and one that just might work.

Fable 3's banned prostitutes - pics

I feel like a right homo looking at those!!

Male prostitutes will probably do that for a man MutilateTheDead

Teased into the thread with the prospect of porn, I feel violated....

So you got more than you bargained for marcofarlio!