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Kirby Epic Yarn gameplay overload is just a bit exciting

Kirby hits US shelves, classic Nintendo fans go nuts

Nintendo's lovable and unmistakably bad-ass pink blob, Kirby, has arrived in US in his latest game, Kirby Epic Yarn, and it's mint. Since it's not arriving in UK until early 2011 (date fixed), we thought you might want to check out some gameplay.

Lots of it.

Now, the obvious spoiler warnings apply - if you want to go in clean don't be watching huge gameplay videos, innit. But if you're on the fence about grabbing the game, here's a ton of footage of its innovative yet decisively old-school-Nintendo action.

More specifically you'll get a look at Kirby's underwater gameplay, in which he morphs into a dolphin, and then a colourful platform stage with Kirby turning into a car and using his parachute form to get around. Because he's awesome like that.

And when you're done here you really need to see the wicked Japanese ads for the game. You'll be all over it.

Dolphin gameplay:

Car/parachute gameplay: