EA MMA video shows Live Broadcast

Real commentary over a virtual game

An EA MMA gameplay video has hit the net showing off the game's new feature, Live Broadcast.

Live Broadcast is a bit of an odd bullet point looking to bridge the gap between real-world MMA and its gaming counterpart.

Match-ups will be chosen by EA Sports promoters, who will be keeping tabs on multiplayer stats and hype videos that players can produce and upload to the EA Sports MMA site.

To the two players the bout will play out like a normal multiplayer match but spectators can tune in for live commentary, provided here from Rocky Rivero and EA Sports MMA creative director Jason Barnes.

The fighters will be able to watch their match back after the fight via the EA MMA Online menu.

The EA MMA demo arrived on Tuesday and the full game will hit shelves this Friday.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]