Fable 3: 'Drunkenly seduce your best friend'

We talk relationships with Lionhead's Josh Atkins...

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There's a surprising amount of romance and 'pleasantness' in the Fable world - if you wish there to be, of course. Do you think this will be a nice 'change of pace' for gamers surrounded by explosive blockbusters such as Halo: Reach and COD: Black Ops?

I hope the amount of romance or pleasantness in Fable is a nice change of pace of gamers. So many games only capitalise on the emotions associated with adrenaline-filled action experience - and while I love those experiences we are trying to do something different.

We want players to laugh on a regular basis and we want them to feel something endearing when they hug their children in Fable. It is those moments combined with accessible and fun combat that are two of the key ingredients of Fable since Fable 1.


Fable's relationships are as liberal as you want them to be. Do you have any political message you're trying to convey with this freedom?

It is important that Fable allows a user to express themselves in number of ways including the kinds of relationships they have both with other players as well as Albion villagers. We do not often talk about political messages when thinking about a given feature for the game - but we do love working on game that affords the opportunity for a bit of political discourse.

I was continually snubbed by would-be wives in Fable II because I wouldn't buy rings that were expensive enough. Will my tight-fistedness again be punished by picky women in Fable III?

Well much like real life, your spouse's reaction to you and your behaviour is a combination of how you behave, the choices you make combined with the kind of person you marry. Perhaps you need to marry a homeless person as they might be more likely to simply appreciate the roof you've put over their head.

So, having a baby with a friend over Xbox Live. It's a bit weird, no?

I would honestly have to say that depends on the friend and how you feel about them. If your Fable hero gets drunk and then you end up having a special moment with your best friend, it's possible it could lead to awkward morning the next day.

Creating children over Live. Marrying and then murdering your spouse. Cross dressing. Having homosexual affairs. What will The Daily Mail make of it all?

Hopefully the Daily Mail will see this game as lovely tale of romance, political intrigue and a story of trying to make the world a better place. Where you can also have sex with your friends or murder your spouse - all while wearing a giant chicken suit... But, hey it is all about self-expression!

How have you dealt with the more 'intimate' acts of lovers without getting... yucky... this time around? What do you make of other games' attempts to deal with sex - not least God Of War's 'rocking bed post'?

We tend to take a mature approach when it comes to the depiction of the intimate acts between two lovers. We never, ever resort to sophomoric humour, sensual music soundtracks or the addition of random chicken sounds during those 'special moments'.


Quite right too. What's the most messed-up life of relationships you've achieved in Fable III?

It is difficult to describe without making me sound disturbed. While we were iterating on the game I ended up marrying several homeless women who had alcohol problems. At one point two of them seemed to be on the bad end of a particularly adventurous night and both were vomiting quite regularly. So I decided to introduce them to each other which then resulted in a drunk and vomit-filled argument.

In its own way - and if you so choose - would you say Fable III is the most debauched game on the market?

The truly wonderful thing about Fable is that the game is what you make of it. If you want to be the debauched King with a bunch wives, who goes out drinking when your kingdom is crumbling and then farts on the head of all your subject...well so be it. It is all about choices and consequences after all.

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