Dead Space dev doing Command & Conquer

Visceral games picks up RTS franchise

Dead Space and Dante's Inferno developer, Visceral Games is working on a title set in the Command & Conquer universe.

That's according to a report on Gamasutra, in which general manager Nick Earl is quoted as calling the unannounced C&C title "pretty far out"... and that's about all he says on it.


It sounds like it'll be an action/strategy game though, with Visceral stating it's committed to tightly focusing on "a signature type of action title", aiming for a "rough estimate" of one game per year.

"We moved into a genre structure about nine months ago inside of the Games label," Earl told Gamasutra.

"Inside the Games label, we went into a structure based on genres, where there are three group GMs -- one for the MMO group, another manages the driving and first-person group, and I manage action and strategy.

"The effort and energy at the moment is around building EA share in the action category... to achieve our mission of becoming number one inside of the action space."

Let's hope this one lasts longer than Tiberium, eh?

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]