Assassin's Creed trailer shows Spain

Brotherhood leaves Rome...

Ubisoft's released a brand new Assassin Creed Brotherhood trailer as the write-up of CVG's play-test of the game in Rome goes live.

Producer Vincent Pontbriand said in our just-published AC: Brotherhood interview:

"Ezio will indeed visit other locations; one of them is Spain where he must track his nemesis, Cesare, through the battlefield of the Battle of Viana. Cesare is trying to conquer Viana by commandeering the king of Navarre's, his brother-in-law, vast army.

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"Players will have to make their way through the warzone, ride a horse while witnessing the magnificent landscape of this Spanish town and fight Cesare during the siege of the Viana Castle."

You can see what he's talking about at the end of this video.