Civ 5: Two DLC packs revealed

And one of them is completely free

2K has revealed plans to release two downloadable expansions for its popular PC chart topper, Civilization 5.

The Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack is free, "as a gift to the legions of Civ fanatics", while the Babylonian Civilization Pack, originally an exclusive part of the Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition, will be put on sale for $4.99.

"The Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack calls for the strongest leaders to ride with Genghis Khan and his Mongol horsemen to establish the largest continuous land empire ever seen. Rulers lead their civilization from humble beginnings on the steppes of Asia, until all under heaven tremble at the might of the nation," explains the PR.

"Players can continue expanding their conquests with the Babylonian Civilization Pack as the Babylonian ruler, Nebuchadnezzar II (c. 630 - c. 561 B.C.). As King of Babylon, gamers will be able to expand their empire with advanced Babylonian Bowmen to rightfully earn the title of Nebuchadnezzar the Great," it adds.

In other not so good news, Civ 5 was knocked from the top spot in this week's UK PC software charts by EA's Medal of Honor. Still, second place isn't exactly a kick in the danglies, is it? More on the latest charts here.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]