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8-minute Yakuza: Of the End trailer is amazing

Shows zombie death, man with spinning machine gun for an arm

It seems Sega wants in on the eight-minute trailer tactics usually employed by Kojima and the Metal Gear Solid camp. Here's a Yakuza: Of the End trailer, and it just doesn't stop flashing Japanese symbols in your face.


It shows how the game's once beautiful Tokyo setting has been transformed into a heavily demolished mess in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.


It shows multiple playable characters, including one bloke who has a giant rotary machinegun for an arm (eat your heart out, Samus), laying down some seriously heavy fire on the zombie hoards.


There's a near-naked, top-heavy lady in a hot bath, an eye patch-wearing man in a snake skin jacket singing slightly gay, hyper techno music on stage, Pachinko (slot machine) houses, Mahjong, fishing, golf, darts, baseball, shooter arcade games, roulette, snooker and table tennis.

All taking place during a zombie apocalypse. Obviously.

You can basically start a new life in this game, by the looks of it. And we want it.