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Sony fixing Red Dead PS3 problems

Incomplete version of the 'Hunting and Trading' DLC causes multiple game errors

Sony has apologised for releasing an "incomplete" version of Red Dead Redemption's 'Hunting and Trading' DLC pack on PSN.


A number of players who downloaded the DLC ran into game errors, including the inability to start certain missions, disappearing mission markers, and the game only loading random events.

"It has come to our attention that an incomplete version of the Hunting and Trading DLC for Red Dead Redemption was uploaded to PlayStation Network; we apologise for any inconvenience," the firm said.

Sony said that the problem has been rectified. The full DLC pack is now available on PSN, but you'll need to delete the incomplete one before picking it up.

More information for those affected by the issue can be found through the link below.

[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]