Oprah audience gets free Kinects, goes mental

Xbox's new target market goes wild for motion cam

Oprah Winfrey gave away free Xbox 360s with Kinect during a show this week - and the audience went absolutely mental.

When Oprah announced that everyone would be getting one and started shaking her stuff on stage, the audience rose to its feet and screamed the house down.

These mums might not be the traditional Xbox 360 audience, but they certainly appear to be Microsoft's new target market with Kinect. Or they like free stuff, at least.

MS is reportedly spending $500 million marketing Kinect this holiday, so expect plenty more family-focused adverts.

Yesterday MS also revealed plans to give a lifestyle-style makeover yesterday. The site's new look features happy, pretty people enjoying Kinect, Xbox Avatars and absolutely no harsh boy colours or Halo games whatsoever.