Halloween costume ideas inspire Schafer's new game

Costume Quest out today on PSN and XBLA

Tim Schafer's 2010 RPG Costume Quest hits PSN and XBLA today - and Double Fine hopes that the Halloween Costume ideas that inspired it will make you go all "warm and fuzzy" inside.


The title is the first downloadable game from Tim Schafer's award-winning studio Double Fine Productions, and was created by its project lead, Tasha Harris.

It costs 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox or $14.99 (around £10) on PlayStation Network.

Harris told Gamasutra: "For research for this game, I looked at a lot of old pictures of kids dressed in Halloween costumes, and that's one of the feelings I'd like to get across to adults playing it - that kind of warm, fuzzy feeling you get when it's like, "Aw! This is awesome," you know?"

"We are extremely excited here at Double Fine to be releasing our first downloadable game," added Schafer. "Costume Quest is an awesome start and a great sign of things to come from Double Fine and THQ."

Check out our preview of the game through here.