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Fallout: New Vegas PC mod tools out

G.E.C.K. released with new features

Modders assemble: Bethesda's released the PC mod tools (G.E.C.K.) for Fallout: New Vegas.

The New Vegas version of the Garden of Eden Creation Kit is now freely available to download from the official Fallout site, so if you know what you're doing you could probably start making all kinds of wonderful creations right now


Changes to the tools - according to our more technically sound colleagues at PC Gamer, at least - include a new conversation system that lets you structure chats via a more simple branching tree layout.

The kit also contains "built-in support for low-intelligence dialogue options". We don't know what this means.

If you haven't already, stick your eyes on PSM3's Fallout New Vegas review.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]