Wanted: Your FIFA 11 tips

Help create the ultimate FIFA playing guide

FIFA 11 is a rather deep footy affair, which means ocassionally it can be a difficult game to play well.


The sheer number of tricks, tactics and strategies available to the player is overwhelming. Fortunately, PSM3 is looking to compile the 'ultimate' FIFA 11 playing guide - and it needs your help to do it.

The mag's looking for experienced FIFA players to pass on their secrets to reaching footy stardom.

So get in touch at if you have any hints and tips in the following areas:

  • General playing advice
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Tackling
  • Set Pieces
  • Dribbling
  • Best/Most Useful Tricks
  • Tactics - the best tactic slider settings for specific teams and formations
  • How to use the d-pad tactics
  • Best Teams
  • Best Players
  • How to stop the best teams/players

The deadline is the 22nd of October. Any tips used will be credited in the magazine and on the website. Prizes will also be given to those who submit the best advice.

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[ SOURCE: FIFA Soccer Blog ]